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Post  Sienna on Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:50 pm

Ughh this is like a rant since we dont have that section...
so this girl is new at HR... and she thinks she's the sh*t...
and like she was giving a picture and it was kind of bad... nand like another person told her it was dark and that she couldnt even see the gurl's (of the picture) face and she was like
"Ohh yeahh and that piic is soo biig" (cause it was small so she was being sarcastic and rude at the same time"
and i told her
"Dont be sarcastic, it aint funny, and dont be rude, in most pics you can see peoples faces"
and she answered me:
"Go clean your mouth, dont say things that dont go, grow up kid"

ok srsly if you're watching this you little..... well i wont write anything cause i dont know if swearing its allowed here... want you to know that i dont know you but you're srsly a...

ughh that was relaxing Very Happy (like expressing my anger)
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